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Each RISE membership includes exclusive, high-value benefits available nowhere else.

RISE DFR Drone First Responder Demo Training Facility


of facilities for workspace, demos, and events

Office/Lab Space

Permanent, temporary, and/or virtual - indoors and outdoors

Demo & R&D Capabilities

YOUR equipment featured front and center in real-world, scenario-based flights in a safe, controlled environment. Demos custom-tailored to each agency that visits.

OEM-Certified Trainers

Train customers and demo products with your staff or our highly-trained staff of OEM-certified trainers in their place, saving you time, travel, and money

FAA Approvals

All FAA paperwork and approvals ready to go

DAA Equipment

State-of-the-art radar and other Detect and Avoid systems available for additional safety

Unrivaled Exposure

Close proximity to over 70 federal agencies, military, and space organizations. Thousands of first responders, military personnel, and policy makers visit Huntsville every year.


Alliance with a world-class research institute and NASA feeder program - UAH

America's 2nd Largest Research Park

Resources and opportunities from nearby Cummings Research Park

1st in 

On site at the first commercial airport approved as a reentry site for space vehicles

Unequaled UAS/cUAS Opportunities

One of five airports designated by the FAA as a UAS/cUAS research facility

Marketing & PR

A dedicated marketing and PR support team to garner the attention of national and local media outlets. Video and photo on site.

Bespoke Outreach Privileges

Podcast appearances, media camps, product launch experience


Access to Future Proof UAS and cUAS Summit 2X a year

Advisory Council Seat

Wtih industry leaders, lobbyists, and government officials for advancing DFR adoption and regulation

Agencies from around the world will visit RISE for immersive demos of advanced DFR systems.

Your products featured front and center in real-world DFR scenarios run by our expert team at RISE.

Whether you choose to be present, represented remotely, or utilize our team - specifically trained in your products - RISE has the facilities available to demonstrate a variety of DFR solutions featuring your products.

RISE will garner the attention of police and fire agencies across the US, private industry clients, and federal agencies seeking DFR solutions. Stop wasting time at trade shows and conventions when we can bring clients with a vested interest in DFR to you.

There's no better place to lead DFR innovation than the city that sent man to the moon.

An advisory council with the goal of raising awareness of DFR solutions and advancing DFR adoption

We're stronger together in our shared goal of advancing DFR technologies and adoption. As part of RISE, you will gain membership on our advisory board for the duration of your membership.

Comprised of industry leaders, lobbyists, and government officials,  our advisory council exists for the soul purpose of advancing DFR adoption and regulation - and equally importantly, raising awareness of DFR in the US.

Allied together, we can shape DFR policy and regulation, and garner the attention of national and local media outlets to increase awareness of DFR solutions and breakthroughs.

Only a few founding member

packages remain.

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