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Reach more agencies.

Save more lives with your technology.

Gain exposure, reduce costs, and accelerate industry adoption at the premier showcase for public safety and critical infrastructure UAS.

RISE DFR Village law enforcement drone training


Most public agencies won't make a purchasing decision without having experienced a product firsthand.

Trade shows are typically poor places to show a product. No stick time, no realistic missions, no way to truly understand the value of a product.

Enter RISE - located at a destination city for thousands of first responders, military and private sector personnel each year.

Now you can have a permanent, year-round "tradeshow booth" with realistic demos and client training - while reducing your show and travel costs. All operated by our staff of industry veterans and OEM-certified trainers - freeing up your staff and budget dollars to do other valuable tasks.

dji fire rescue drone dfr
skyfire dfr police drone training

Real-world demos of your equipment,
custom-tailored for each organization that visits

  • DFR (Drone First Responder)

  • UTM/Manned & Unmanned Deconfliction

  • Counter UAS (cUAS)

  • Detect and Avoid (DAA)

  • Search and Rescue

  • SWAT

  • Active Shooter

  • Disaster Response


  • Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)

  • Event Security

  • Thermography

  • Mapping & Modeling (Photogrammetry & LIDAR)

  • Accident Scene Reconstruction

  • HAZMAT Response

  • Air Monitoring & Gas Imaging

  • Asset Tracking

  • Infrastructure Inspection

  • Medical Supply Delivery

  • AED Delivery

  • Water Rescue

  • Wildlife, Agriculture & Vegetation Monitoring

  • Many more public safety & industrial missions

2,200 Acres

In addition to multiple sites throughout Huntstville that support real-world scenarios, RISE members and guests have exclusive access to our 2,200-acre UAS/cUAS test range.

One of five, FAA-designated cUAS testing facilities in the nation, this property allows public safety and private sector organizations access to a safe, controlled environment for missions and technologies that require large areas.

Redstone Arsenal UAV Test Range
police fire military BVLOS DFR drone training

Unrivaled access to clients, policymakers, and resources who call Rocket City home

Huntsville is home to over 70 federal entities and is a destination for thousands of first responders, military personnel, and decision makers every year.

See why you need to be here, too.

Join today to receive benefits not available anywhere else.

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